Valve & Mechanical Services

Our dedicated team of Saudi and international engineers we offer a full set of mechanical service, repair and maintenance solutions to customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries throughout Saudi Arabia.

Our Mechanical Maintenance Division

Services we offer include online valve greasing, sealing, and valve and pump servicing and repairs.  For over 7 years we have been a registered vendor to Saudi Aramco to provide these services.  AET-PSD’s valve services team have been awarded Aramco Certificates of Appreciation for; winner MFC outstanding performance (2019), fast response in an emergency (2020), and again, winner MFC outstanding performance (2021).

Whether offline or online, our highly skilled valve and actuator servicing and repair team, managed by a team of seasoned professionals carefully selected from a range engineering disciplines, have the knowledge, experience and expertise to address all your valve needs.

Emergency Valve Servicing

Our specialist team of online valve maintenance, greasing, sealing and repair experts are recognised as one of the most professional and efficient service providers in Saudi Arabia offering value for money and the ability to get the job done to high specifications even in challenging conditions.  We service a wide variety of valve sizes and types: ball valves, plug valves, choke valves, gate valves. Our emergency valve services include resolving:

  • Stem Leakage
  • Internal Seat Leakage
  • Emergency Valve Sealing
  • Actuators & Controls
  • Seized / Hard-to-Turn Valves
  • Body Leakage
  • Flange Leakage
  • Launcher / Receiver Leakage
  • Orifice Fitting Leakage

Online Valve Sealing

AET-PSD’s specialist engineering team’s online valve sealing track record speaks for itself with around 98% success in sealing all valve leaks regardless of the circumstances, saving our customers time and money. Our online valve sealing services include resolving:

  • leakage across the seats
  • stem / trunnion leakage
  • valve body leakage
  • valve fitting leakage
  • bonnet leakage

Online Valve Flushing, Lubricating and Stroking

Valves are the most common mechanical device found at any plant, platform or pipeline operation.  They require regular, routine maintenance to ensure they operate and seal properly every time. Well-maintained valves have the potential to operate efficiently for the lifespan of the facility.  Our experience clearly shows that a small investment in a strong preventative maintenance program, designed and delivered by our specialist team, can ensure many years of trouble-free service, saving you time, money and inconvenience. The thorough preventative and corrective maintenance programs we offer include: flushing, lubricating ball, plug, gate and choke valves, and actuator and gearbox maintenance.

Our Facility

Our dedicated repair, maintenance and servicing facility is located in the 2nd Industrial City, Dammam.  From here we are able to rapidly deploy our team and overhaul or reengineer all sizes and types of valves and actuators.  Our 5000 m2 facility is equipped with a 1200 m2 covered hanger, overhead crane, 380V 3 phase power supply and a diverse selection of tools and equipment.