Valve & Mechanical Services

Valve & Mechanical Services

Total Solution in Valve Servicing & Maintenance

Aspires to provide Total Solution in Valve Servicing & Maintenance for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Industries.

Managed by a Team of Experienced Professionals of Various Disciplines, Well Trained & Knowledgeable Engineers and Highly Skill Technicians in Valves and Actuators Servicing and Repair.

1.   VALVE - Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Choke, Butterfly, DBB, PSV

  • Site Removal and Installation
  • In situ & Workshop base Servicing, Refurbishment, Repair and Testing Works
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Fugitive Emission Test (FET)
  • Ball Valve Torque Testing
  • Valve Hydrostatic shell, Hydro Seat, Low Pressure Air Seat & Full Differential pressure (DP) test
  • Valve Recertification
  • Blasting, Painting & Preservation Works







2. ACTUATOR – Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric Type

  • Site Removal and Installation
  • Actuator Refurbishment & Retrofitting
  • Actuator Testing (Stroke Test and Leak Test)
  • Control Instrument Refurbishment and Replacement
  • Blasting, Painting & Preservation works








3.      SAFETY & PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE (SRV/PSV) Servicing and Testing

  • Removal and installation of SRV/PRV at site
  • Servicing and Re-certification of SRV/PRV
  • Painting, preservation and packaging






Online Safety Valve Testing (OSVT)

  • Set point test at site using TESON II

5.   Valve Flushing, Lubrication (greasing) & Sealant

  • Periodically Valve Maintenance
  • Emergency Valve Sealing
  • Commissioning New Valves
  • Fittings and Accessories






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AETPSD have the privilege of working with well-known companies in the world to build an outstanding client relationship, coupled with technical excellence across a specialized range for services. Our clients are our partners and our priority.