Production Solutions

Production Solutions

Our production Solutions that we provide are diversified from different sections where we have the ability to integrate leading products that delivers great certainty and reliability by providing engineered equipment to customer specifications at a price that represents value and carry out targeted research to continuously improve products and processes

Through the following segments:

Fiber Glass Systems where offer specific GRE Downhole tubing and casing products.Fiber Glass Systems leads the oil and gas industry with a full line of durable glass reinforced epoxy piping systems with a proven track record.


Intervention and Stimulation Equipment includes: Coil Tubing Engineering andCoiled Tubing withits PCE services, Wireline Trucks, Skids and related Wireline Pressure Control Equipment & Tools for slickline and electric line application additional to the full Recertification and Services, additional to the Pressure pumping equipment as well as comprehensive solutions for well services including pressure pumping systems, pump expendables, well testing and flowline equipment.







Process & Flow Technologies: includes integrated production and process solutions to the onshore and offshore oil and gas markets with some certain applications like Crude and Oil Separation, Oil and Gas Production (Artificial Lift), Production Fluid Control and many others. 






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Our Principals

Chemola™ ThredOn™

Tool Joint and Thread Compounds

SOCO offers a diver..

KF Valves, a brand of CIRCOR Energy provides the broadest range of flow control products in the indu..

Our Clients

AETPSD have the privilege of working with well-known companies in the world to build an outstanding client relationship, coupled with technical excellence across a specialized range for services. Our clients are our partners and our priority.