Rig Upgrading Services

Rig Upgrading Services:

We offer fit for purpose solutions providing the unique service of one-off, rig-specific equipment designs, modifications, and solutions to your specific issues, including surveys, proposal drawings, design drawings, product manufacturing, service manuals, data books, and equipment installations.

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Rig Upgrades & Maintenance Services Include:

  • Refurbishment of Drilling Structure
  • Modifications to increase Rig Capacity
  • Winterization & Heat Shielding Installation
  • Steel Replacement & Repair
  • Bolt Change-outs
  • Derrick Washing, Blasting & Painting
  • Lighting System Replacement
  • Top Drive Upgrades & Derrick Beef-ups 
  • Derrick removal
  • Derrick Life Enhancement
  • Derrick Extensions
  • Dolly Track Replacement 
  • Racking Board design, fabrication & installation







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Our Principals

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Our Clients

AETPSD have the privilege of working with well-known companies in the world to build an outstanding client relationship, coupled with technical excellence across a specialized range for services. Our clients are our partners and our priority.